What You Can Expect From SnoreMasker® Pro
When your SnoreMasker® Pro arrives, you will attach the foam Snap-Tips and install a battery into each earpiece. Next, you'll insert each earpiece carefully into your ears and adjust the volume of the white noise.

At this point, assuming you have the correct size Snap-Tip attached and the devices are both deeply inserted into your ears, with the white noise masking sound turned up you will be unable to hear most people talking in a normal voice. You will be able to faintly hear loud voices, though even those will be very muted and difficult to understand. You may still be able to hear "thumper" cars passing by outside and other very low bass sounds, the sort of sounds that are more felt than heard. You may be completely unable to hear your alarm or to hear your baby cry, and you need to test to make sure you can hear the danger signals in your life before you begin sleeping with your SnoreMasker® Pros.

Tips for Using Your New SnoreMasker® Pro
SnoreMasker Pro Fit Tips - Different Sizes
The assortment pack of Snap-Tips you receive with your SnoreMasker® Pro
will almost certainly contain a size of tip that will properly fit your ears, and the SnoreMasker® Pro earpieces will almost certainly fit into all sizes of ear canals. If you have any trouble on either count, our technical support personnel are here to help you find solutions, including unusual sizes of Snap-Tips that may fit you better, or replacement full-custom shells for your SnoreMasker® Pro earpieces. These additional adaptive solutions are rarely needed, but we want you to know that we are here to help if you need us.

If you need an alarm to wake you and you cannot adequately hear yours while wearing your SnoreMasker® Pro, we suggest that you get a vibrating alarm clock which wakes you by vibrating your pillow or mattress rather than by making a noise.

When you first try using your SnoreMasker® Pro to sleep with your snoring bed partner, you need to make sure he or she understands that you cannot hear them talking to you. Some people might get mad, thinking their partner is just ignoring them, even though this isn't the case. Because this is frequently such a sensitive topic, we suggest that you encourage your sleeping partner to try your SnoreMasker® Pro too, so they can fully appreciate and understand how profoundly the SnoreMasker® Pro will reduce your ability to hear them speaking to you... or snoring beside you.

You may be disappointed to find that you can hear more sounds than you expected to be able to hear with your SnoreMasker® Pro. That is a normal reaction. What most people want is perfect silence, or as one woman put it, "...artificial deafness!" Those who are blessed with normal hearing, unfortunately, can hear so well that it is impossible to safely eliminate your ability to hear all sound. What SnoreMasker® Pro can do, though, is to safely eliminate almost all of the noise that is bothering you, so you can get to sleep more easily, sleep more deeply, and stay asleep longer--without interruption from annoying noises in the night, to finally get the rest you need for a happy and healthy life.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the performance of your SnoreMasker® Pro or we will give your money back.

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