SnoreMasker Pro FAQ
Q. How do I know the SnoreMasker Pro will solve my really loud snoring problem?

A. The only way to find out is to give it a try. SnoreMasker Pro is the best solution currently available anywhere in the world, and we believe it will give over 95% of the people who try it a permanent, comfortable, and effective solution. Our dealers offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, so the only thing you have to lose is your sleep problem.

Q. Where can I get the SnoreMasker Pro?

A. We are currently seeking dealers all over and the list changes frequently. Please check our Dealer Locator to see where you can buy the product. We encourage dealer inquiries from all legitimate business professionals; however, we prefer audiologists, sleep shops, pharmacies and related businesses as dealers.

Q. Can I buy from you directly?

A. We are sorry, but our policy is not to sell directly to end users. Please check our Dealer Locator to see where you can buy the product.

Q. What kind of batteries does SnoreMasker Pro use and how long do they last?

A. SnoreMasker Pro uses one standard size 10 hearing aid battery in each earpiece. The batteries will last up to 250 hours, depending on the volume at which you operate the earpieces. Four batteries are included when you buy SnoreMasker Pro.  For more SnoreMasker Pro specs and info, check out our Features page.

Q. What is a Comply Snap-Tip?

A. Comply brand Snap-Tips are a patented, replaceable, poly-urethane foam tip system. Snap-Tips include a special adapter point that is fitted permanently onto the end of the Unifit earpieces. The adapter point lets you securely snap a foam tip onto the end of the earpiece, which is then inserted into your ear. Using the Snap-Tips lets you choose the correct size of foam tips, to insure that your SnoreMasker Pro earpieces will fit perfectly into your ear canals, providing a secure, comfortable fit that blocks out up to 75% of the sound you would hear with an open ear. The Snap-Tips are just as easily removed when you need to replace a tip, which is usually about once every week or two. The durability of the tips varies from person to person, depending on usage.

Q. What is the wax removal and battery handling tool for?

A. The Snap-Tips include a wax guard that will prevent earwax from getting into the ear tip when used properly. However, any device you put into your ear will get earwax on it eventually. The wax removal tool has a loop to remove wax if it should get into the tip of the earpiece, and a brush that can be used to remove earwax from the tips after use and before you store them away. The tool also features a nifty little built-in magnet that will make it easier to insert and remove the batteries, which can be a little tricky to handle because they are so small.

Q. Can I get my SnoreMasker Pro custom fitted?

A. Some of our dealers can modify your SnoreMasker Pro earpieces to a full custom fit. However, if you do that, the noise reduction offered by the foam Snap-Tips will be reduced, and the device may no longer be comfortable enough to lie on. For these reasons we do not recommend getting your earpieces custom fitted. If you find that none of the three sizes of Snap-Tips provided with your SnoreMasker Pro are small enough to fit comfortably in your ears, please let us know. We have some additional sizes of tips that may work for you.

SnoreMasker Pro Suggested Retail Price: $599
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SnoreMasker Pro is comfortable and durable enough to last for years.
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