SnoreMasker® Facts
SnoreMasker® Pro is produced using the latest hearing aid technology usually only found in devices costing over $2,000, so you know SnoreMasker® Pro is well-made and designed for years of daily service. SnoreMasker® Pro features unique Unifit earpieces, each with its own battery and independent volume control. Each Unifit earpiece is designed to fit either ear, and will fit over 95% of all adults. The SnoreMasker® Pro earpieces are extra small, to rest gently down inside your ear canal so that you can comfortably lie on either ear with no pain or discomfort.
Each Unifit earpiece has a special Comply Snap-Tip connector point that lets you easily and securely attach a foam Snap-Tip. The Comply Foam Snap-Tips are made in three sizes so you can choose the size that fits you best, and SnoreMasker® Pro ships with a Comply assortment pack that includes two pairs each of the small and average size Snap-Tips, plus one pair of the large size tips. Each foam Snap-Tip is removable and will need to be replaced after somewhere between 3-20 nights, on average. Because the foam tips cannot be effectively cleaned, the tips will need periodic replacement, and the frequency of replacement will depend mainly on the rate at which your ears produce earwax, along with other factors that vary from person to person.
Replacement Snap-Tips cost about $4 a pair. Batteries are standard size 10 hearing aid batteries, available at most of our dealer sites, as well as at drug and discount stores, for less than $1 each. Each set of batteries will last up to 250 hours, depending on the volume at which the devices are used.

SnoreMasker® Pro is comfortable and durable enough to last for years.
Make sleep possible again. 


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